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Farm Credit Midsouth is a locally owned and managed financial cooperative that is a part of the national Farm Credit System dedicated to making a significant and positive impact on agriculture and the communities we serve. Farm Credit Midsouth is a part of the AgriBank district who obtains the necessary financial funding through the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation.

With rather humble beginnings, what is now Farm Credit Midsouth began as a National Farm Loan Association in 1916. Over an 85-year period, the name underwent several changes to Federal Land Bank Association and Production Credit Associations. Finally, in 2001 the name was changed to Farm Credit Midsouth. While changes in names and structure have occurred over the years, the concepts and values of the original organization remain the same: to support the growth of rural America.

Our Mission

Enhance our diverse agricultural and rural economy.

Our Vision

We will be a highly competitive, effectively managed, sufficiently capitalized, locally controlled Cooperative and will provide the most dependable source of capital.

We will serve all eligible individuals having a basis for credit with specialized expertise and value added service.

Our Core Values

Provide visionary leadership.

Achieve operational excellence.

Instill a high level of loyalty.

Acknowledge and reward quality employee performance.

Our Culture

Our culture is extremely important. We endeavor to preserve, protect and strengthen it. Whatever we accomplish we do in the spirit of fun, teamwork, and making a positive difference in the lives of the people we come in contact with on a daily basis.

We Are Leaders.

We know our market, members, industry, and profession better than anybody – striving constantly to increase our knowledge and share it to inspire others to be their best.

We Are Innovators.

Productivity is increasing output while decreasing input. Whether our technology, processes or products, we search for ways to make our jobs more meaningful and exciting. We look for new products and ways of delivery that provide value to our members.

We Are Influencers.

Honesty, integrity, hard work, family and fun are the foundation of who we are and the people we serve.

We Are Collaborators.

Joint effort is evident in our thinking and actions. We are unique individuals united to be stronger together. Intentionally not restricted by job descriptions, everybody contributes. Apart we are merely talented individuals with good intentions. Together we achieve more.

FCM-BioStar-Logo-Color (1)


The BioStar logo was designed to portray Farm Credit as a strong, unified national network ready to meet the challenges of a changing and competitive financial industry.

Developed in the spring of 1985, the BioStar was released as the logo that still identifies the national Farm Credit System today.

The BioStar is a symbol of progress and commitment consisting of five visual elements: three leaves, a root system and a star. The leaves represent the three types of lending done by the Farm Credit System – long-term, intermediate-term and short-term. The roots symbolize our cooperative structure and our long history of grassroots support of rural America, and the star represents vibrancy and direction. Finally, the brilliant green color represents the nature of our stockholders’ business: to grow, produce and harvest food and fiber.

Farm Credit Midsouth is very proud to be a part of the Farm Credit System and to utilize the BioStar in our logo. It represents progress and our commitment to you, our stockholders, as we strive for excellence. Thank you for choosing Farm Credit Midsouth and contributing to our success!

Man wearing Farm Credit Midsouth hat and woman smiling at the camera.

About Farm Credit Midsouth

Farm Credit Midsouth (a part of the Farm Credit System) is a federally-charted cooperative providing over $1 billion in credit and related services to more than 3,500 agriculture producers and rural home owners in ten Eastern Arkansas counties (Clay, Greene, Craighead, Mississippi, Crittenden, Poinsett, Cross, St. Francis, Lee and Phillips) and three counties in Missouri (Ripley, Carter and Wayne) through its wholly-owned PCA and FLCA subsidiaries.

Business Focus

Driven to excellence, our team at FCM focuses on these four areas in our daily actions and in our planning for the future.

Customer Satisfaction

Using industry knowledge, competitive products, responsive service, institutional dependability and outstanding attitudes, we aim to provide our members with a positive, impactful lending experience.

Sound Growth

Striving constantly to maintain long-term viability, we work toward sound growth year after year through planning and implementation with growth in mind.

Strong Capital

Historically agriculture and the U.S. economy experiences a recurring cycle of resilient to tough times. Being aware of this pattern, we focus on remaining a reliable source of capital for our members in both prosperous and trying times.

Solid Administration

Building day by day, we make efforts to gain the trust and confidence of those around us. For agriculture and rural lending, we want to be the best.

It's Good to be a Member!

Since Farm Credit Midsouth is a cooperative, our members are our owners.

Farm Credit Midsouth provides credit and financial services to those who meet our regulatory eligibility requirements. If you own or wish to buy agriculture land or you are involved in any agriculture or rural activities, please give us a call to determine if you are eligible to be a member.

Check out our products and services to see what is right for you.

The Farm Credit System has a specific but critical mission: to help ensure the health and well-being of American agriculture by providing a dependable and competitive source of financing to rural America.

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