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Beekeeper holding broodbox

Coy’s Honey Farm is a three-generation bee-keeping operation in South Mississippi, about 30 miles from the Gulf Coast. The family owns and manages 10,000 bee hives in California, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Mississippi.

In addition to supplying honey, Coy’s Honey Farm sells bees as members of the Russian Honeybee Breeders’ Association. We enjoyed touring and visiting with Richard Coy to learn more about this unique niche in agriculture.

On what he does for a living:

“There’s a lot of agriculture dependent on bees. Bees are integral to the world’s food supply. In fact, 1/3 of all you eat can be attributed to pollination by honey bees.”

Why Farm Credit Midsouth?

(During the move to South Mississippi, an environment more conducive to bee-keeping.) “Farm Credit stuck with us. It required us building a new complex and financing our homes. Farm Credit understood the complexities of farming income. Whether it was revolving lines of credit, financing buildings, financing opportunities for purchasing bees, or operating loans, Farm Credit Midsouth was there for all of it.”

Broodbox with bees
Coy's Honey Farm

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