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Drone with sprayer

We’re excited to share our visit with Farm Credit Midsouth Member Jeff Dickens, owner and operator of Dickens Ag Drone in Jonesboro, Arkansas. It’s been a thrill to partner with him as he brings the latest innovations in precision aerial application to Midsouth growers.

Partnering with Rantizo out of Iowa, Dickens brings a spot-specific, cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of application. Learning about the technology, its capabilities and all the licensure required blew us away.

On what he does for a living:

“You’ve gotta’ love what you do. I get to play with a drone all day! And on top of that, I get to help farmers save money and protect the crops that get them through year after year.”

Why Farm Credit Midsouth?

“If someone’s looking to get into an innovative side of agriculture, hands down Farm Credit Midsouth is willing to be innovative with those Members—bringing technology to ag by being the support they are.”

Drone Controller
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