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To all Farm Credit Midsouth employees, members and friends:

RE: Establishing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Protocol

On behalf of the Board and Management of Farm Credit Midsouth, we will be taking actions to do our part to protect our employees and members during this state of national emergency.

Our primary goal is the health of all; secondarily, we want to ensure we are able to continue to provide financial services to our customers. In order to protect both, we are asking our employees to:

  1. Cease all business travel outside of our territory until further notice. We are fortunate to have the technological capabilities to communicate without having to travel.
  2. Cease all public meetings scheduled in our offices.
  3. Ask our members to conduct business by phone or computer when at all possible. This, again, is where our available technology enables us to conduct a majority of our business without personal contact.
  4. Increase our office hygiene practices.
    • Keep hands clean.
    • Keep public surfaces clean and sanitized.
    • Practice social distancing of six feet. While it may seem somewhat awkward, this recommended distance is necessary to prevent the virus from spreading by contact and air.
    • Enhance our cleaning services to wipe down and disinfect public areas nightly.
  5. Ensure we have adequate staff in our offices to serve our customers by minimizing the number of people we have in the offices at one time. You may find fewer people in our offices during this emergency, but it does not mean they are not available. Please call ahead to reach a particular team member or to find out who may be available to assist you.

We are all navigating uncharted territory. We ask for your patience, cooperation, and prayers that this emergency will resolve quickly and all those affected will be healed soon.


James McJunkins
President and CEO

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