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Carol Despain, At Desk
Carol Despain, Using MyFCM

Ask just about anyone on any farm and they’ll tell you who the real MVP of the operation is, the one who does the books. At Delta Farms, that someone is Carol Despain. The whole Delta Farms team is interested in innovation and automation in all aspects of their operation, so we took the opportunity to check in with her to see how things are going since signing up for MyFCM, Farm Credit Midsouth’s convenient, secure online banking portal.

FCM: Now that you’ve been using MyFCM for a bit, what are your thoughts?

Carol: Like anything else, there was definitely a learning curve. Becky* was really helpful with set-up. She’s also just a phone call away if I need anything. Kind of like a personal tech support.
I’d say once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. (*Becky Street, Customer Service Representative at the FCM Jonesboro Branch)

FCM: What would you say is your favorite feature of MyFCM?

Carol: The easy access to records. For example, at year-end when our accountants need specific information, I can easily and quickly access and provide that. It used to take considerable time and effort to acquire that information. I can now go in and see that—and more—at any time.

FCM: Do you feel using the system requires any particular technical expertise?

Carol: No, once you get in and know where to go, it isn’t difficult. And there is always someone available at Farm Credit Midsouth to talk you through something if you don’t understand it.

FCM: All in all, would you recommend MyFCM to others considering using it?

Carol: Absolutely!

Thanks for the chat and your kind words, Carol. We enjoyed it!

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