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SVP, Chief Information Officer
Marc Miles

If you’re a member of the Farm Credit Midsouth team, there’s a strong likelihood you have Marc Miles on speed dial. Marc and his team run all aspects of the FCM technology that keeps us up and running, not to mention secure. And in 2020, having to transition the majority of employees to working remotely, that was no easy feat. Talking to Marc, one quickly realizes he takes it all in stride, even if the rest of us are in awe of his patience and expertise.

In December, Marc celebrated his 18th year leading the Farm Credit Midsouth IT team. Following graduation from Arkansas State University, where he studied Computer Science, he became a software developer for the city of Jonesboro, working his way up to the city’s Director of IT role, covering 17 different departments.

Marc wasn’t necessarily looking for a job when he learned of an IT opportunity at Farm Credit Midsouth from his longtime friend and college buddy Mike Williams (yes, that Mike Williams) and the rest is, as they say, history. After a five-hour interview, Marc was sold.

Marc with his wife, Lori and his son, Luke.
Marc with his wife, Lori and his son, Luke.

As we often do, we asked for his thoughts on why so many FCM employees seem to spend long careers with the Association. He attributes it to the culture and the team’s passion. There’s something about having a small part in supporting those who “feed the world” that adds a layer of value to what we do, he notes.

The son of an electrician, Marc did not grow up in ag, but did grow up with an appreciation for ag. He recognizes the complexity of today’s farming operations, the great risk, and the many challenges farmers face every day. Though he does not often directly deal with farmers, he does acknowledge what his team does makes FCM employees efficient and effective. He believes IT “should enable, not hamper” their ability to serve our members.

Every day is different when you run an IT department. You never know what you might encounter, but never has that been truer than this year. A planner by nature, nothing could have really prepared Marc for the adjustments required of a global pandemic. He and his team have received across-the-board accolades for their response and swift transition to adapting the technology to enable all of Farm Credit Midsouth’s employees to work remotely or in rotation. As you might imagine, off-site IT is much harder to administer—and keep secure. It was a monumental task, but one that FCM IT achieved and sustained with great success.

The Miles family lives in Jonesboro where they are busy renovating a home, a multi-year project that Marc immensely enjoys. He and his wife Lori, a local attorney, share one son, Luke, 16. When not immersed in IT or home renovation, Marc enjoys being outside, gardening and—as many of you know from his stunning Farm Credit photos gracing some of our branches—photography.

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