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Dane Coomer, Chair of the Board - Farm Credit Midsouth

Thoughts From The Turnrow

Dane Coomer

Chair of the Board
Farm Credit Midsouth

7:09 pm; after supper, November 16, 2020

Today was a good day.

I must admit that I’m not on a turnrow. I spent the day in a tree. The sun was out, and the phone was off; it was A-OK. Days like this are too far in between.

I had a conversation with a long time Farm Credit customer today -- an over 50-year customer. Let’s think about that for a minute. He said his first loan was in 1969. We’re talking moon landing, Woodstock, and Joe Namath in the Super Bowl. He and his family have been members through how many different versions of what is now Farm Credit Midsouth? Back then we had numerous PCAs, Land Banks, then merger after merger, the farm crisis of the 1980s, through redistricting and numerous other changes until the version we have today, Farm Credit Midsouth. He’s been there.

How many loan officers? He jokingly said that every time a new loan officer was hired, his was their first “file”. That may very well be true. I suspect the reason may be his consistent approach makes him a pleasure to work with and easy for inexperienced employees. He strikes me as a person who keeps his bills paid. It’s safe to say he’s “broken in” a lot of folks.

I thought about our conversation today -- numerous different versions of Farm Credit, no telling how many employees. What’s the one constant? The customer. That’s what makes this co-op work: strong, loyal, dependable customers. The Association has dedicated, capable employees who provide terrific service with a great product at competitive rates but without folks like Joe we don’t exist. The hard work, sweat, worry and sleepless nights through floods, droughts, political upheavals all around the globe, market uncertainties which create an “every day another crisis lifestyle” through all of this it’s the owner/customer that makes us survive and thrive.

To all our members, 5 days or 50 years, thanks. Thanks for the patronage. Thanks for the confidence. Thanks for all the hard work.


Dane Coomer, Board Chair

Dane Coomer's Signature

Dane Coomer

Chair of the Board
Farm Credit Midsouth

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