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Ramey Stiles

Vice Chair's Commentary

Ramey Stiles

Vice Chair of the Board
Farm Credit Midsouth

Hard to believe, but we find ourselves in a situation very similar to where we were last year at this time. The pandemic, government policy, and the weather are all once again on our minds. Thankfully though, we have much better prices across the board for the crops we grow in our Association’s territory as we prepare for the 2021 growing season.

Many things have changed, and some have unexpectedly become new "normals". Virtual meetings often replaced many of the in-person meetings typically held for things like training and conducting other business. They do save time and lessen travel expense, but they also reduce opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas and building relationships.

Wage rates, equipment and technology costs, and most all input costs, are increasing. Producers will have to find an offset for these increases to keep their operations efficient and profitable. Higher yields, better marketing, and risk management will obviously be on all of our minds as we embark on another growing season.

I feel so blessed to be a farmer, and I have faith that God will continue to help us face the challenges that come. I hope to see farming remain a respected profession that the world’s population supports and views as vital to our existence. As farmers, we will need to unite and pull together for the common good as environmental and social concerns become more difficult issues for agriculture.

One thing is certain. Farm Credit Midsouth knows agriculture and sees that change is happening. And with that in mind, we will strive to serve the needs of our members in every way we can.

Ramey Stiles, Vice Chair
Lee County | Marianna, AR | 2014

Executive Committee, Vice Chair
Compensation Committee, Chair

Ramey is a self-employed cotton and peanut farmer who is also engaged in custom cotton harvesting. He graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in Ag Business and Economics. He serves on the Board of Directors of Cotton Incorporated, the Lee County Farm Bureau Board, and the Board of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas. Ramey joined the Board in 2014 and represents Lee County. Ramey serves as the Chair of the Board’s Compensation Committee. He currently serves as Vice Chair of the Board. He was elected to his current term on the Board in February 2018 which expires in February 2022.

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