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Diane Steiling, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer - Farm Credit Midsouth

We Blinked and the Second Half of 2021 is Well Underway

A Word from the CFO

Diane Steiling

Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer
Farm Credit Midsouth

As of July 31, 2021, Farm Credit Midsouth’s total outstanding accrual loans were almost $1.2 billion. This is a 12.6% increase over the same time in 2020. Currently, there has been over $16 million loaned during the first four weeks of the Fall IT Special. This program will continue through the end of September. Additionally, during the first seven months of 2021, over $160 million of new money has been loaned in our 13-county territory.

Our earnings are strong with July YTD net income of approximately $9.5 million. Capital was solid at the end of July with a balance of $247 million. Credit quality is outstanding with over 99% of our loans classified as acceptable.

Farm Credit Midsouth is a very strong financial organization ready to assist you in your financing needs. We wish you continued success and safety throughout harvest.

Financials Stock Graphic
Financial Snapshot: Business Results in Review
*Loans represented owned by FCM. 1Acceptable Credit Quality is considered Acceptable/OAEM.
Business Results in Review YTD 07/31/2021 YTD 07/31/2020 $ Change % Change
Total Accrual Loans* ($000s) $1,179,714 $1,047,858 $131,856 12.58%
Accrual Real Estate Loans ($000s) $663,605 $564,396 $99,209 17.58%
Accrual Commercial Term and Operating Loans ($000s) $516,109 $483,462 $32,647 6.75%
New Money Loaned ($000s) $163,302 $208,380 -$45,078 -21.63%
Capital ($000s) $246,970 $236,298 $10,672 4.52%
Acceptable Credit Quality1 ($000s) 99.10% 98.80% 0.30% 0.30%
Return on Assets (ROA) ($000s) 1.47% 1.25% 0.22% 17.60%
Total Regulatory Capital Ratio (TRC) 18.38% 20.09% -1.71% -8.51%
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