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Youth Loan Program For 4-H and FFA Members

We believe it is our duty to protect and provide assistance to our most valuable commodity—our rural youth. As with young and beginning farmers, today’s youth are the future of our industry, so it’s important that we help them establish themselves in local agriculture.

To do our part, Farm Credit Midsouth provides loans to 4-H and FFA members for the purchase of livestock, feed and other miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the project. Up to 25% of the loan may be used to purchase necessary equipment such as feeders, water buckets, head gates, farrowing crates, etc.

To qualify, a student must be an active member of a local 4-H or FFA program, be enrolled in a livestock or field crop project and successfully complete the project, have parental consent and have 4-H leader or FFA advisor approval and assistance. By encouraging students to be industrious and providing them with the avenue to do so, they gain valuable benefits such as responsibility, experience, education and self-satisfaction.

Youth Loan Program Terms and Conditions:

  • Be an eligible borrower (4-H or FFA member) with an eligible loan request.
  • Conduct a modest income-producing agricultural project.
  • Minimum loan is $500.
  • Maximum loan is $2,500.
  • Loan term to be established based on the project, loan purpose and repayment plan.
  • Borrower must prepare a written summary of the project with payment plan, or pay-off information and submit it with the application.
  • Fixed interest rate (at cost) below stated interest rates.
  • Loans are not eligible for Patronage Refund.
  • $50 closing, processing and filing fee.
  • Up to 100% loan-to-collateral value considered.
  • Loans are intended for FFA and 4-H projects involving cattle, swine, sheep and goats. Other agricultural projects will be considered based on the applicant, parental consent, FFA or 4-H advisor, collateral and repayment plans.
  • Parent or guardian must co-sign the loan.

For more information, contact your local Farm Credit Midsouth branch office.

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